What style of meditation is this?

Soul Transcendence Meditation is a mantra based meditation practice.

What is a mantra and why do I need one?

A mantra is a specific sound or tone that can be said out loud or inwardly. During Soul Transcendence Meditation the mantra can be chanted inwardly and silently which allows your conscious mind to settle down, your emotions to come into balance and the body to relax. The underlying purpose of the mantra, however, is to move your awareness beyond your body, mind and emotions and into the greater awareness and experience of who you truly are – the Soul.

Where does this technique come from?

Soul Transcendence Meditation has been taught in various forms by different teachers and groups throughout history. In the East this technique is referred to as Surat Shabda Yoga and in this specific form here it is taught by John-Roger, a meditation and spiritual teacher who passed away in 2016.

I don’t have any previous meditation experience. Will I be able to learn?

Yes. Anyone can learn Soul Transcendence Meditation regardless of their level of experience. The course is designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced meditators.

Do I have to clear my mind of thoughts and sit perfectly still?

No. This is one of the most common false assumptions about meditation. What you will learn in the course is that the purpose of meditation is not to control the body and mind but instead to accept them exactly as they are and, in doing so, transcend them.

Will I be able to meditate on my own after the course?

Yes. This is one of the principle objectives of how the course has been put together. Not only can you be self sufficient in your meditation by the end of the course you will also be equipped with tools and strategies to support you in establishing meditation as a regular practice in your daily life.

How long does it take to experience the benefits?

Most people will experience benefits from Soul Transcendence Meditation almost immediately. Increasing the duration and frequency of your meditation tends to amplify these benefits considerably.

Is Soul Transcendence Meditation a religious practice?

No, Soul Transcendence is not a religion, it is a practical process. It is also not based on belief, in fact, you don’t need to believe anything in order to learn or practice the meditation technique. The underlying approach is to encourage that you not believe anything that is presented, but instead allow yourself to be guided by your own experience.

Where are the courses held?

Online courses are held via Zoom, and in-person courses, depending on the location, could be held in either a private studio or residence.

Should I sit a certain way when I meditate?

There are no requirements. You may find that it works best for you to sit in a way where you are relaxed and alert. You may also find that being in a quiet and peaceful place helps you let go of the outer world and attune inwardly. But there are no requirements. Do what works for you.

How long do I need to meditate?

In the beginning, we suggest that people do Soul Transcendence Meditation for 20 minutes a day. However, that is not a requirement and we encourage you to do what works for you. The duration is not as important as the quality of the meditation.

What is the difference between Soul Transcendence Meditation and other meditations?

A lot of meditation techniques are a passive process which can often result in a descending energy. Soul Transcendence Meditation, because it is active, is an ascending energy, moving directly towards the highest consciousness.