The Soul Transcendence Meditation Course

Our comprehensive 3-day course includes everything you need to learn Soul Transcendence Meditation. The course format is 2 hours per day over 3 consecutive days, and includes a follow-up session 10 days later. Give yourself the opportunity to experience the profound peace of this meditation practice and learn how to make meditation a natural part of your daily life. By the end of the course you can be self-sufficient in your meditation and able to meditate anywhere at any time.

Day 1

You will be given an introduction to Soul Transcendence Meditation, and provided the method and practical process of how to meditate using the technique.  You will be introduced to the HU mantra and guided through your first experience of Soul Transcendence Meditation.

Day 2

We will explore the meditation technique in more detail and depth, and you will be given guidance and techniques on how to simplify and deepen your meditation. We will also provide you with tools and support in how you can build the habit of a daily meditation practice. We will meditate together as a group and there will be an opportunity to share your experience and ask questions.

Day 3

In this session we expand on the guidance and techniques provided in the previous sessions and we will provide insight into the underlying process of meditation. There will also be a specific focus on identifying the key strategies that will support you in your ongoing meditation practice. We will meditate together as a group and there will be another opportunity to share your experience and ask questions. On completion of the course you’ll have everything you need to meditate effectively.


After the course you will now be able to continue meditating on your own and integrate your meditation practice into your daily life. You will also be able to attend free group meditation sessions each week to support your practice.

10 Day Follow Up

To ensure that you receive maximum benefit, approximately 10 days after you complete the course, we will have a group follow up session. In this session, we will check that your meditation is going well, support you in your regular daily practice, and answer any questions that have come up for you along the way.

Benefits of the Course

The course is structured in an effective and simple way to optimise your meditation learning experience.


Through this course you can:

  • gain a thorough, practical and experiential understanding of meditation
  • learn to be self sufficient in your own meditation practice
  • have the ability to meditate anywhere at anytime
  • learn how to incorporate meditation into your daily life
  • continually deepen your own meditation through ongoing practice
  • have an extremely valuable tool you can use anytime to access peace and calm
  • learn through the guidance of a highly experienced meditation facilitator


Course Tuition: $90

Soul Transcendence Meditation is taught by a non-for-profit organisation and our purpose is to support you in your own upliftment, learning and growth, and to make these meditation teachings as available as possible to those who are wanting to learn.

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