Drugs & Spirituality

It is not our intention here to judge the use of drugs. We simply want to give you information so you can make wise choices.

Drugs often seem to offer relief, fun, or relaxation, yet end up giving grief, disappointment, a sense of defeat, or worse. You can avoid a great deal of heartache by knowing what you are dealing with and that you have the ability to choose.

Prescription drugs can be a great blessing, however they are still drugs and can be abused or misused. In this article we are specifically addressing recreational drugs, and some of the effects of their general use and abuse. Drugs, for example like: Ayahuasca, LSD, DMT, magic mushrooms, Mescaline, marijuana, Alcohol, Cocaine, ecstasy, speed, Opiates, etc.

Drugs and Higher Consciousness

Some people use drugs to experience higher levels of consciousness than what everyday life seems to offer. There are, however, other methods that can give you more lasting and uplifting results. Although the power of drugs is significant, once you activate your higher nature, the thrills that drugs offer pale in comparison. If you are looking for adventure, then discovering, exploring, and becoming more aware of who you truly are can be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

The Riverboat Analogy

We come into this life with what is known as karma—those things that we must fulfil in order to grow and progress into higher consciousness. We define karma as incomplete actions from our past that need to be finished.

If you’ve been to Disneyland, you’ve probably seen the Mark Twain or Columbia. These big boats are like old Mississippi riverboats. You get on, and the boat goes along a waterway. No matter what happens, that boat can’t go astray because it has rails underneath it guiding it through the water. It has to go along that prescribed route.

Our karmic path works much like those underwater rails. Our karma sets up our path through life, and we must stay on that track. Our free will in determining our route was exercised before we incarnated onto this planet. That was when we set the rails in place and made the decisions about the direction of our route. Now as we go through our life, we have a lot of choices. The boat is pretty big, and we can move around on it, but the overall route of the boat remains set.

The effect of taking drugs or getting drunk on alcohol can be compared to the effect of someone going to Disneyland and destroying about twenty feet of that underwater railing. LSD, for example, does this rapidly; some of the others like marijuana take a little longer. Regardless, the end result is that an area of that foundation and support is gone. When the boat comes to this point, it will drift off the rail and be without direction in the water. The captain might spin the wheel, but it won’t do much good. He might consider, “What will I do with my life and the lives of all these people with me?” He might be lucky and bump back onto the railing later, but that’s really an outside chance. Without direction, he’ll be drifting with the current, and he’d probably crash into the shore before too long.

When you have taken drugs, you have blown a hole in the pattern of your subconscious mind; the railing has been ripped up. You have really done a number on yourself, and you then go on a different path. You have lost your ability to steer yourself; you’ve lost all the connections with what’s going on. You may find yourself drifting, floundering, and splitting off more and more from your conscious self and your conscious direction. If you have a very strong conscious self and if your conscious direction is strong, you may be able to sustain and continue in that direction for quite some time.

Each Person is Different

A person’s reaction to drugs in general depends upon many things as well as the drug itself. It depends upon the strength of your conscious and subconscious minds. It depends upon your structure and your personality traits. It depends upon your genetics, your environment, your emotional stability, and your spiritual evolvement. It depends upon whether you’re going to drink or do other drugs in combination while you use. It depends upon your physical condition when you use. Anyone’s response depends upon a wide variety of factors, and all of them need to be taken into consideration.

Psychic Influences

Drugs can attack and rip the etheric body just like you would rip a piece of paper. When the etheric body is ripped, the life energy forces spill out because they’re not being channeled through the natural chakra openings of the body.

Then, instead of coming through the aura patterns in a beautiful flow, the life force flows out through the rips, and the aura or the etheric body becomes sticky, like honey or molasses.

If you are skilled, you can tell if someone has had any type of drugs in their body because, as you run your hand through their aura, it feels sticky and your hand sort of drags, as if you were moving through oatmeal. The good news is that the rips can be sealed so that the energy can again flow in the natural way, though it takes someone who is trained and skilled to repair this type of damage. And you must be ready to give up the drugs, or you will simply recreate the problem.


Using drugs or alcohol is a form of giving up your responsibility for your own consciousness. One of the lesser known side effects is that, as soon as you feel that “letting go,” or loosening up of your body and mind, you are also opening yourself up to psychic influences that you may not enjoy.

Taking drugs or getting drunk is a way of saying, “I don’t want to be responsible right now for my thoughts or actions. I’m taking a break.” While you’re on “vacation,” you’ve left your “home” open to what we call disincarnate entities. They can legally move in and begin to influence you according to their wants and desires rather than your own. The reason these beings are staying close to earth looking for a body to influence is usually because they are deeply attached to something on this earth: drugs, alcohol, sex, or other strong desires. For example, if the entity was an alcoholic and is bound to the earth by its desire for alcohol, you may very well become an alcoholic, and so forth.

Once you are under the influence of a disincarnate entity, you may find yourself moving into patterns that weren’t previously part of your normal functioning. It’s well known that one way to tell if people are doing drugs or drinking alcohol heavily is that their personalities and interests seem to change. Often this is because of the influence of entities that have attached themselves to these people and are exerting their influence.

Clearing these negative influences can be done. It often takes a combination of spiritual assistance, and most of all, you being ready to let them go. You do this by building your personal inner strength through making better choices for your self, through spiritual practices, and by no longer doing the things, like drinking or drugs, that allow negative influences into your consciousness.

This information is not meant to create fear; it is for your education. You decide for yourself what works for you. As always, check things out for yourself. Ask yourself good questions, then listen and observe closely to get your answers. Why do you drink or take drugs? What are the drawbacks? How are your relationships, your work, your interests affected? Are there better ways to get what you really want without harming yourself or others? Track your experiences, and take a good look at what’s going on with you. That way, you are learning and growing.

Making Wise Choices

Making wise choices works in several ways around drugs. Your choices about drugs include whom you choose to spend your time with. If you spend a lot of time around people who indulge in drugs, you run the danger of picking up these patterns in your aura even if you are not taking drugs yourself. As these patterns permeate your auric field, they begin to influence you; you can fall into the patterns of drug usage and begin to take drugs. If you don’t wish to involve yourself with drugs, it’s best to stay away from areas and people where drugs are being used.

At the same time, if you judge those who are involved with drugs, you lock some of your energy up in that judgment and you are not free to move into your own full expression. We can’t judge those who are involved with drugs, but we can help them get beyond these drug induced experiences.

Many people find that spiritual practices bring them what they are seeking and fulfill the desire to “get high,” to experience something greater, higher, more loving, more expansive than what everyday life seems to offer. Through the Spirit, you travel inner worlds in a greater and more complete way than drugs offer, under control and protection. You are working to expand your mind and consciousness. You know where you are going, how to get there in a predictable way, and how to return any time you want. Spiritual practices are an upward path and bring continually greater results.

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