Ending the Cycle of Reincarnation

As a human, a Soul starts by incarnating once into a physical form; any future times it comes here are more accurately called embodiments.

But when the Soul incarnates into a physical form, it is usually inexperienced in the ways of this world. The consciousness sees all the glamour, illusions, attractions, and pleasures of the world, and it gets sidetracked. But even though the Soul gets pulled into these things, they are all a part of its learning.

As the Soul goes through its life plan, it is apt to create imbalance. Then when the time comes for the physical body to die, there are often karmic situations that have not yet been cleared or balanced.

Thus, the Soul, at a later time, embodies again onto the physical realm so that it can clear its debts, right the wrongs, and bring balance and harmony. But if the consciousness again gets caught up in the illusions and the glamour, it may end up creating more karmic situations so that the Soul must again embody to clear them. And so on.

At some point, the consciousness will come into an understanding of this whole process; it will learn to be a responsible creator and to place its value and its concern on those things that are positive and spiritual in nature rather than on the materiality of this world. In this way, the consciousness begins its evolution back towards God, fulfills its karma from the past, stays free of accruing more karma, and liberates itself from this world.

Your Decisions Before Incarnation

Before you—the Soul – incarnate on the planet, you are in consciousness on some other realm; you are living another existence. But, for whatever reason, it becomes time for you to incarnate on the physical realm.

Keep in mind that it is the nature of the Soul to experience all levels and conditions of God. Thus, the earth experience is part of the Soul’s evolution into the greater consciousness of God.

Before you incarnate or re-embody, you (as the Soul) meet with the high self and the Karmic Board, karmic counselors or masters who have access to the Akashic Records, where everything you have ever done is recorded. You all meet to plan your life on the planet within high degrees of possibility and probability.

At this time of planning, you choose such things as your parents, the talents and abilities you will have, the challenges and situations you need to face, and so on. You choose those things that you and the karmic counselors decide will be best for you to further your spiritual progression.

And that is a big key to understanding this life: you choose it all. You also set up the situations that will bring you together with people in relationships that will give you the opportunity to fulfill karmic debts from your past existences.

Free Will and Free Choice

You might say, “Well, I don’t have much choice, do I?” Before incarnation you have free will and you exercise it; after you incarnate, you have free choice.

Before you incarnate, you freely set up many possibilities; after you incarnate, you choose which of the possibilities you wish to follow. You are making all your choices before you come in, and then you unfold them. You discover as you go along what the path is. But there are a lot of alternate choices if you get off the path, and before you incarnated, you saw ahead to those choices, too.

It is very complex and complicated to lay out all the variables that you can possibly enter into in your lifetime, so complex that a computer would probably be inadequate to do what can be done by the masters of the Karmic Board who know, down to the most minute detail, what has happened through all of your existences. They sit with you, and then they sit with the Souls of your potential parents and family, and these patterns of your existence are worked out through many generations.

Ending the Incarnation Cycle

Reincarnation is not negative, as a lot of people would like to believe. It is a very positive, progressive philosophy: if you don’t make it now, you get another chance. What could be better than that? Still, though, MSIA does not teach reincarnation. We teach Soul Transcendence and ending the cycle of reincarnation. Everyone, whether they realise it or not, is working for awareness of the inner consciousness, to know the divine nature, to experience the joy, freedom, and perfection of the Soul.

It is natural for the Soul to incarnate onto the physical plane to gain experience, but it is the action of karma—the creation and the releasing of karma that perpetuates the action of reembodiment. Many people have lived hundreds of lives on Earth and are still attempting to gain an understanding of karma so they can release themselves from the cycle of incarnation, realise the freedom of their Soul, transcend this realm, and know the higher realms. Through the teachings of Soul Transcendence you can end the incarnation cycle.