Sex & Spirituality

It’s a good feeling to realise that sex isn’t dirty and that it’s a natural process of the human body. There are different ways to express sexuality and many variations in sexual activity. None are necessarily good or bad. There is no morality in Spirit; in Spirit there are no right or wrong ways to express sexuality. Morality is an aspect of society. Humans decide their own morality.

The Sexual, Creative, Spiritual Energy

The level of sexual expression and the level of creative expression reside extremely close together within the physical body. It is like a band encircling the body from just above the navel to an area of the thighs about five to six inches below the buttocks. When people feel the surging of Spirit, they often translate this as being a sexual urge. So they release it sexually, but find that they do not always have fulfilment. It can be difficult to differentiate between sexual and spiritual creativity. Often, people misinterpret this energy.

The spiritual thrust is up and out. The lift of energy is up through the body and out through the crown chakra, the energy center at the top of the head. The sexual energy releases through the reproductive area. These two energies often become so interwoven that the spiritual energy is released along with the sexual energy. That is negative creativity. It will hold you in the lower realms, in the physical world.

When you feel the sexual drive building up, you can bring that energy up through the centers of the body. Feel the energy being released through the higher chakras instead of the lower ones. This is one way to use these creative energies to lift you into higher levels.

The Creative/Sexual Energy Flow

Some people know about the difference between the sex drive and the creative drive of Spirit; they know that these areas are closely related and that misinterpretation is possible. If you choose not to express sexually, then the creative energy can come up through the higher channels and be expressed in Spirit.

However, there are various religious denominations advocating celibacy that have their own hospitals where their people go for psychiatric care; because of their misunderstandings about the nature of creativity and sexuality, there are malfunctions within their bodies. In trying to move into the spiritual through denying themselves on the creative level, they were creating more problems for themselves.

When the sexual drive is thwarted or produces guilt or unfulfillment, it reflexes back up into the stomach and intestinal areas and then up into the shoulder, neck, and facial areas. Muscle spasms can occur, the face may break into acne, and parts of the neck may go out of place and cause pain. Feelings of guilt about sex can cause many to happen.

You can block the flow of energy from the creative part of the body through anger, guilt, desire for revenge, fear, misunderstandings, and so on. If, for whatever reason, the energy flow is shutting off, it will produce a block in the creative area, which will attract negative energy. Then you may find yourself putting on weight through the hip area, the buttocks, and the abdominal section. When you are expressing yourself in a positive flow of energy and direction, you will find the body automatically coming into greater balance.

Women and the Creative/Sexual Expression

When a woman has a history of blocking her creative flow and shutting off this area of expression by pushing the energy back down into the creative center, she may develop many problems related to her menstrual flow. She may release her negativity partially through the altered glandular functions of her body. She may also feel anxiety and apprehension at times. She may slam doors, explode for no apparent reason, and then walk away, finding that she feels a little better. It’s more difficult to release the negativity when the normal channels are not available.

The patterns of resistance and stubbornness that women enter into in regard to the creative process can also cause weight problems. As a woman expresses resistance, she pushes energy into the lower areas of creativity and reproduction. As the energy is pushed down, it attracts excess weight into that area, which is from just below the rib cage to the upper thighs. This weight can be hard to get off. Diet will help, and a change of attitude will help even more. If the attitude becomes one of acceptance, release, and flow, the weight will drop off and the cramps will also release.

Many women’s problems such as cramps, lower back pains, weight gains, and even hysterectomies can be lessened or eliminated altogether if a woman has a positive attitude of acceptance toward her body and it’s natural functions. Just knowing these things and working to change the expression to more positive one can help tremendously. The first law of Spirit, acceptance, is also the first law of the physical body.

Men and the Creative/Sexual Expression

A man who does not release his negativity through the normal process of energy exchange with a woman may release his negativity in other ways.

One way is through nervous energy, what we call “bumming around” – getting in the car and going here and there, just moving around a great deal. Masturbation is another release for him, in a sense. He may also release by going through it and expressing it. He may release it through drug abuse or excessive drinking.

Although all these things may help him release negativity, they are not the most effective or desirable ways. Men who block their flow of creative energy will often develop prostate gland trouble and other problems related to the genital area.

The Sexual Relationship

Some couples have sexual intercourse, but the husband is not a lover; he’s a machine, and he finishes his action before hers is complete. Then she has to finish her action by her own means, and she may feel guilty about it, all because he is not smart enough to love her as she needs to be loved.

It’s important to be able to talk to your spouse about problems such as this and clear the action with one another. All of these actions are natural; there is nothing naughty or nasty about them. During sexual intercourse, two people are coming together in the closest relationship possible on the physical level. They owe it to themselves and to each other to come together with as much love and understanding as necessary to make the sexual experience a joyous and fulfilling one for both of them.