What Students Say…

“Through my daily meditation I very practically experience the greatest reality of who I am – as a Soul. And the joy and peace that I experience from this is beyond words.”


“Soul Transcendence Meditation is about experiencing the elevated part of myself in such a way that I am more self-contented and able to live from a higher perspective when navigating my way through the world.”


“I loved this course, I found it practical and experiential. Learning this meditation technique opened me up to a whole new level of inner exploration.”


“This meditation practice has connected me with a sacred spiritual frequency that has infused my life with a sense of greater meaning that brings me a great deal of peace, calm and sense of blessedness.”


“This course has been a true blessing for me. My consciousness and awareness has reached a whole new level of depth. I feel like I am home.”


“The teachings of Soul Transcendence constitute the roadmap I use to navigate my way in the world. While life leads me into diverse situations and interactions with others, the one constant is the knowledge that wherever I am, or whatever I am doing, my inner environment is what determines the quality of my experience.”


“My initial experience of Soul Transcendence was one of joy and then the more I participated the more blissful experiences I had. Now I simply go inside and chant and I am uplifted in light and loving.”


“To me Soul Transcendence is about choosing moment to moment to raise my consciousness into unconditional loving regardless of any given situation. I am so deeply grateful every day of my life that these teachings are available.”