Using the Dream State

Dreaming takes place within a persons own levels of consciousness, the lower levels, the inner realms. But, for the most part, what we call the night travel takes place on the spiritual levels and is that part of sleep-state activity that can be used towards Soul Transcendence.

Put another way, dreams are what we want to learn to go through and to get to the higher levels of spiritual awareness, and we do not want to keep the focus on the dreaming itself.

The dream state, the night travel on the Spirit side, is a learning experience, a progression of your consciousness into the higher levels of Light. Your freedom lies in the Soul Consciousness. Through the dream process, you can learn to recognize and bypass the illusions of the lower levels.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams are best interpreted by the dreamer – that is, by you if it is your dream. Eighty-five percent of the time, you, yourself, are every person in your dreams. It is also helpful to remember that dreams can have a number of different functions: they can be a releasing of the tensions and concerns of the day, a clearing of karma from this life and other existences, learning in one of the spiritual schools and so on.

In addition, dreams are often symbolic rather than literal, and they may involve a number of different levels, which can be all jumbled together in what seems like one dream. You can also have one experience and bring back parts of it in several different dreams, spread out over several days.

Balancing Karma

Your past experiences that have not been balanced – in other words, your karma – can be mocked up in the dream state so they can be released. For example, you may wake up one morning and say, “You know, last night, I think I fought and sparred all night long.” Not only were you in Sparta, you got stuck right in the stomach. But the guy who stuck you was mocked up in the dream state, and you forgave him. You released all feeling towards that, and now that one is finished.

Learning and Growing

In one night out of the body, you can be taught something that could take many years to assimilate here on the physical level. In Soul Transcendence, throughout every night, the teaching goes on because we have to clear up a lot of things in your consciousness. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done to prepare you to receive of the Spirit in the intensity that will allow you to move away from the physical realm and reach into the higher realms.

Complete the Day

If you’re smart, if you’re wise, and if you’re spiritual, the karma that you create, you disperse by the end of the night. If you take a negative thought over to the next morning, you are on the way to building more karma. This is why we say, don’t go to bed with things hanging on your head. So, if you have to, get up and write them on a piece of paper and burn it.

You can dissolve karmic things at night before you go to bed by looking upon the day’s occurrences as being stepping-stones towards God consciousness. Every night, within the divine love of your beingness, thank God for all the experiences of your day. And when you wake up in the morning, realize that “this is the day that God has created, and all good things are coming my way. This is the day that the God inside of me recognizes the God in all creation. I will function out of God consciousness today.”

Technique Before Going to Sleep

It’s a good idea to take a few minutes before going to sleep and ask for the Light to be with and protect you throughout the night. You can also tell yourself that if you see anything negative (whether it has to do with you personally, situations in the world, or whatever), you will immediately, in your dreams, ask for the Light for protection and will use that Light to disperse any negativity.

As you travel into the higher realms during the night travel, you strengthen your Soul awareness. You strengthen the positive qualities within your consciousness, which makes it easier to maintain those positive qualities in your day-to-day life here on the physical level.