Using the Light

The concept of Light seems to be an ageless and universal one. It spans time, geography and belief, and it is central to almost every religion and spiritual practice.

We are going to present to you here an introduction to the Light and two very practical ways that you can use the light in your daily life.

The light is the purest energy there is coming from the highest source. As you practice and use the light you can become more and more attuned to its power, protection, guidance and blessings. And as you awaken more and more you will come to realize that you are the light.

An Introduction to the Light

The energy of the Light is the spiritual force that is present within and that activates all things. It is everywhere to a greater or lesser degree. The Light is more active in a tree than it is in a rock, and it is more active in a deer than it is in a tree, but it is present in all of them, although they may not be consciously aware of it.

The presence of the Light is the most active within the human consciousness, and the human consciousness is unique in its ability to be consciously aware of the Light and to work as a co-creator with the energy of the Light.

The Light is in everything; it’s in every aspect of your experience and your expression. You have been never less than the Light. The Light is the total beingness of all consciousness, on all levels, at all times. The Light is everywhere.

The Light is the energy of Spirit that pervades all levels of consciousness. It is an energy that is of God. It is pure, uncorrupted, and available for use.

The Light will never inflict itself on anyone or anything and comes only when invited. It can be active only when you are consciously pure in your intent and expression. You are pure in your expression when you ask for the Light to be present for the highest good.

You do not condition the Light by asking it to do what you feel would be right or what you think would be right. You just ask for the presence of the Light and ask Spirit to bring forward whatever is for the highest good.

The Highest Good

We can ask for the light to be somewhere or do something for the highest good of all concerned. That way we know that the highest good of everyone is always foremost – even if it means that we don’t get “our way” in every situation, every time.

We don’t always know what’s for the highest good of all concerned – nor should we. Asking for the highest good of all concerned keeps us from becoming sorcerer’s apprentices – setting things in motion we have no idea how to control.

So, the highest good is our safety net, our insurance policy. If we ask for something and it comes to pass, we know it’s for the highest good of all concerned. If we ask for something and it doesn’t come to pass, we know we got an answer – the answer was “no”. Or, at least, “not just yet.”

Technique: Calling in the Light

We use the expression “call in the Light” but the Light is always here, so we actually call ourselves forward into the Light.

When you call in the light use words that feel comfortable for you and that ring true for you. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter what words are used, it is the intention that is important. So have a clear intention for the light from the highest source possible to fill, clear, surround and protect you for the highest good of all concerned.

Here is an example of words that you could use to call in the light.

“I ask for the Light to completely fill, clear surround and protect me and that all that takes place be for the highest good.”


There is really no situation or circumstance that you couldn’t call in the Light for. But some examples are: when you wake up in the morning, when you get in your car, when you witness something that is negative or disturbing, when you feel out of balance, before a meeting, when you meet with someone, when you enter a new environment etc. And you don’t have to limit using the light for negative situations either. Any situation is a good situation to use the Light.

If your intention is clear that you are asking for the spiritual Light for the highest good, you can also just say, “Light.” This is the first thought in some people’s minds when they hear a siren or hear about a situation that is distressing or challenging in some way. Some people read the newspaper and listen to news on TV, and in their consciousness is “Light” for all they hear, read, or see.

Until you know more, you are Light bearers. Then, when you’ve grown in knowledge, you become the Light and give out the Light; you become as one with God. Everywhere you go, you shed the Light of this consciousness. We are all one and are never separated in the Spirit.  

Technique: Sending the Light

Sending the Light or placing things in the Light is the act of intending that the Light be with a person, place, situation etc. You can request it as in “I ask that the light be sent to…”, or you can simply direct it as in “I send the light to…” The thought or word level isn’t so important – it is an act of intention.

Sending the light takes so little time – a few seconds at most. It’s such a small expenditure and the potential returns are so great.

There are a lot of ways to send the Light and work with the Light. One way is that as soon as someone tells you about a situation, just pass it right into the consciousness of the Light. Before that person even finishes getting the words out, the Light has gone.

You may see someone or a situation that looks to be in need of assistance and you can send them the Light.

You don’t need to know what is going on or what the solution is, you can trust that the higher spiritual light knows and for the highest good it will be given and done. Then we become facilitators of the highest action without needing to know exactly what that action is. We don’t really know what is working out or what the lesson is and by sending the light we are neutral and loving, we are not meddling.

Keep it simple. Prayer does not have to be complicated. Remember, you don’t have to spell out all the details. All you need to do is place the situation in God’s hands and let God handle the results.