What is Soul Transcendence?

Soul Transcendence is the process of moving your awareness beyond your body, mind and emotions and awakening to the consciousness of your Soul – who you truly are.

Once you are established in Soul consciousness you are no longer bound or limited by this world and you are able to complete the cycle of reincarnation in this lifetime.

As you awaken more to the consciousness of your Soul you naturally experience and express more of the qualities of your true nature – loving, peace, joy, wisdom, compassion, and abundance.  Through Soul Transcendence you gain altitude and awareness, and the ability to rise above situations and see them from a clearer perspective.

The practice of Soul Transcendence involves attuning to the sound current – the audible energy that flows from the source of all creation. The sound current is the spiritual energy on which a person returns to the heart of God. This practice has been taught and referenced throughout history in a variety of spiritual teachings. In the East it is called Shabda yoga.

The Practice of Soul Transcendence

The two primary practices of Soul Transcendence are a meditation practice and a course of study called Soul Awareness Discourses.

Soul Transcendence is not a religion and you don’t have to believe anything in order to participate. In fact, we encourage you not to believe anything, but instead to check things out and allow yourself to be guided by your own experience and what works for you.

The practice of Soul Transcendence is open to anyone. There is no membership and everyone is free to participate in their own way and at their own pace.

Meditation Practice

The meditation technique of Soul Transcendence comes from a very long tradition of spiritual teachings and is an active meditation technique of holding the mind steady and quieting the emotions by using a spiritual tone or mantra to connect to the sound current – the audible energy that flows from the source of all creation.

The purpose of this meditation technique is to lift you into higher, more subtle, refined states of awareness and perception until you break through the illusions of this world into the consciousness of your Soul. Click here to learn this meditation technique.

Soul Awareness Discourses

Discourses are a course of study designed to support and compliment your meditation practice and spiritual path. They are a point of spiritual attunement and provide practical techniques for Soul Transcendence.

A set of Discourses consists of 12 booklets – one to read and contemplate each month of the year. Click here to learn more about discourses.

The Inner Master

The Inner Master or Mystical Traveler Consciousness resides within each person and is an inner guide into the higher levels of Spirit. Through the practice of Soul Transcendence you learn to connect and awaken to this inner wisdom to assist you in learning and growing spiritually. Learn more.